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Show after show, the hair-netting process was the bane of my existence as a barn mom. Many times I would beg one of the experienced teens to net my daughter's hair for me. We would practice at home to try to nail down the process...to no avail. Then one glorious day, while searching for an alternative to the one-knot net, I came across this piece of magic. It has changed show days for us! I even got our local tack shop to start carrying them, and they are elated with them too! They keep them out for people trying on helmets! Recently we moved and her RWR went missing and she had to use a normal hairnet and the drama all came rushing back, I must have re-done her hair at the show 5 times before finally getting it to be acceptable. So now I am back here, buying a new one, since our new local tack shop doesn't carry them (wont be long till they do, I hope) and she will be showing before we have had time to go through a gazzillion moving boxes searching for them. It works with sort hair, long hair, thick hair, fine hair. We have used them on all my friends kids! Best ten bucks you will ever spend!
By G.D.

My daughter has very long hair — almost to her waist — and lots of it. Getting her hair in a net was a challenge involving bobby pins, barrettes and hair sticking out here and there. We found this hair net at a tack shop and haven't looked back. It's truly simple and works perfectly every time. We've bought three since including one for her friend who has incredibly thick long hair. By the way it is also very durable. My daughter rides 4 – 6 times a week (in FL heat and humidity) and uses it every time. It's held up beautifully. And best of all I don't have to help try to stuff her hair in a hairnet anymore!
By M.A.

This is the greatest hairnet ever! Doing my hair was always one of the more stressful parts of early horse show mornings (up there with pulling on my old field boots before the days of zippers!!), but then I found this wonderful invention. It's very easy to arrange my hair and I can tuck in any stray hairs without having to redo the whole thing, which was usually the case with a one-knot or traditional hairnet. I have a few of these stashed in my helmet bag, tack trunk, and glove compartment! The colors are also very nice and they seem very durable. 
By J.P.


By Eriquestrian
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